Retinal Camera


  • Mobile, battery operated¬† camera, for Anterior and Posterior Segments Photography
  • The Camera attachment has been done with Welch Allyn, Pan Optic Ophthalmoscope,
  • Photos as well as videos can be taken with ease.

Camera Features

  • 2MP and through s/w gives Resolution up to 8MP.
  • Video features captures up to 30 frames per seconds
  • Auto focus and Manual focus Lens.

 Helpful for diagnostic purpose.

  • The unit is very capable of detecting hemorrhages in the retina.
  • Non-dilated images are possible.
  • Pictorial progress can be shown to the patients.
  • Progression of diseases like diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma can be checked
  • In Video mode one can have records in different angles so can be excellent diagnostic tool.
Glaucoma Atrophy Diabetic Retinal Scarring Post Retinal Detachment


  • Reasonable, as existing optics are used.
  • Images can be printed, documented, mailed and archived.
Panoptic Camera Attachment Video